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RO 200 V (H) NW 100/RO 280 V (H) NW100

These unique Full Flow Floor Traps have the following features:

  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel to ensure acid corrosion and stain resistance;
  • A double water seal to ensure odour-free operation;
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, minimum dirt collection and high flow rates;
  • A large sludge box which retains all the coarse slurry;
  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning;
  • The discharge pipe is fully accessible once the drain has been dismantled;
  • Flow Rate:
    • RO 200 V (H) NW 100: 3 l/sec
    • RO 280V(H) NW100: 4.5 l/sec
  • Load capacity: 1.500 kg
  • Material Stainless Steel 304
  • Position of outlet:
    *V = Vertical
    *H = Horizontal with mitred bend
  • Typical uses: Restaurants, Steakhouses, Kitchens, Dining Halls, Horse Stables, Pigsties, Nursing homes, etc.
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Stainless Steel Floor Drains
RO 200 V (H) NW 100
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