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Wedge wire screens, baskets, sieve bends for filtration and separation


  • Wide range of wedge wire screens with slot widths from 0.05mm (50 microns) and open areas from 2% through to 40.0% provides solutions for many filtering and separation applications.
  • One of the important features of wedge wire screen for filtering and separation is the continuous aperture or “slot”, which automatically provides a large open area guaranteeing a very low pressure drop through the filtering surface with a low tendency to blind or clog.
  • “Slot widths” are very precise, but more so with looped wedge wire. This type being used for starch screens for the extraction of corn starch
  • Due to the wires being wound close together and the large number of welds, wedge wire screens are inherently strong and able to provide extended life in such areas as industrial waste treatment.
  • Wedge WireThe continuous aperture and triangular wire section ensures there are only two particle contact points, which minimizes the risk of blinding and clogging.
  • Segmental wedge wire screen floors can be designed for individual requirements in terms of finish, number of segments and diameters for the needs of the brewing and sugar industry.

Wedge Wire Profiles

The Profile or shape of the pressed cross section decides most of the properties of the
Wedge Wire Screen.

Easy Clearing
The narrowest part of the aperture comes at the top and the steady opening out from that point promotes easy clearing.
Lateral Strength
Increases rapidly with the width of the profile and sufficient is needed to avoid the likelihood of the Wedge Wires being bent sideways and the accuracy of the slot being thereby lost.
Load Carrying Capacity or Vertical Strength
Increases rapidly with the depth of the profile and is needed to a greater degree than is lateral strength
Percentage Open Area
For any given aperture size this depends on the number of apertures per foot width of screen. The wider the profile the fewer the apertures, and the less is open area - likewise the smaller the number of pressed Wedge Wires per foot, the greater the open area.
Wearing Life
With abrasive materials the top surface of the profile becomes worn away and inevitably the aperture must increase. With a small angle of opening the increase is gradual, but with a large angle it is rapid. The apertures quickly reach the oversize limit and the working life is reduced.

We supply stainless steels to AISI Grades 430, 304 and 316. Also mild steel and other metals are available.

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Wedge wire screens, baskets, sieve bends for filtration and separation

Wedge wire filtration basket

Wedge wire screen

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