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Pelox Pickling Paste
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The pickling of stainless steel is a chemical process which thoroughly removes impurities and allows the formation of a new passive layer.

Pickling paste is used for treating surfaces around welding seams and heat affected zones, removing annealing colours, scale and corrosion products.


Pelox Pickling Spray

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Pickling sprays removes annealing colours, welding scale and corrosion products, traces of oil and grease from stainless steel surfaces.


Stainox 'N" Pickling Paste

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Stainox N is a pickling and passivating paste for the removal of discolouration after welding and for cleaning stainless-steel surfaces over small areas. It can also be used for cleaning copper-nickel alloys as well as nickel and nickel alloys.

Fluid Film Corrosion preventative and LubricantStainox N is free of hydrochloric acid and chlorides, thereby eliminating the possible danger of subsequent corrosion and cracking.

One kilogram of Stainox N is sufficient to treat 80 m to 150 m of weld seam with a discoloured zone of 50 mm wide or a surface area of five to eight square metres.

The product is applied with an acid-proof brush or wooden spatula. When the pickling operation is complete, the paste is washed off with water.

3M™ Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polisher

3M™ Spray cleaner & polish for all stainless steel surfaces which are not in direct contact with food.

Cleans and polishes stainless steel in one operation. It eliminates dirt, finger prints, greasy residues on all types of stainless steel kitchen surfaces.

It leaves an invisible protective film which slows down the build up of dirt particles. Yields best results in combination with 3M scouring pads for delicate surfaces.

Size: 600ml

3M™ Scotchbrite™ General Purpose Pads

3m Scotchbrite abrasive  padsScotch-Brite™ 7447 PRO Hand Pad combines flexibility with effective cutting action and precise hand control to help you accomplish tough cleaning jobs or produce fine finishing results, use after use. The tightly graded abrasive particles in this new pad provide a consistent, uniform scratch throughout life of the hand pad.
Superior alternative to steel wool, wire brushes, sandpaper, and other non-woven products for cleaning or finishing tasks
Very fine grade aluminum oxide abrasive cleans, finishes, grains, denibs, and defuzzes
Pad resists tearing, splintering, shredding, loading and will never rust, providing a long, useful life
Can be folded, stacked, or rolled for effective cleaning or conditioning on flat, irregular, or contoured surfaces
Perforated for quick and easy tearing, reducing waste

Stainless Steel Wire BrushesStainless Steel Wire Brushes

Range of stainless steel wire brushes for use with welding.

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