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Jachris metallic flexible hose

Jachris metallic flexible hose and hose assemblies are manufactured from isotonic steel in aisi 321, 316l and 304 grades and conform to international quality standards.

Jachris metal hoses are manufactured using the annular corrugation method therefor they are not subject to damaging torsion stresses when longitudinal expansion occurs as a result of pressure rises (pressure surges or shocks).

Hose assemblies can also be fitted with a fibreglass or fibreglass and silicone outer covers for added protection against excessive heat and/or furnace slag.

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JACHRIS Stainless steel braided hose JAChris stainless steel braided hose tech data

* Double-braided hose improves the pressure rating of the assembly by at least 30%.
** Tolerance will be applicable as per Jachris standards.

The above values are applicable for Jachris braided hose and assemblies.
The above pressure ratings are for fluid and ambient temperature of 20°c.
The data for 250mm and 300mm N.B. can be supplied upon request.
The burst pressure is four times the maximum working pressure.
The above data is subject to change on account of design improvement.

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