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GRATEX® Fibreglass Grating - Moulded or Pultruded

GRATEX® FRP FIBREGLASS GRATING - MOULDED & PULTRUDED is a cost effective, lightweight
solution for walkways, platforms, gullies, trenches and mezzanines.

IT has a high strength to weight ratio, is corrosion resistant, and is slip resistant. It exhibits low thermal conductivity, is non-magnetic and non-sparking.

Both grating types provide excellent impact and loading characteristics.

Available in three resin types:

Isophthalic Polyester - moderate exposure to corrosive elements; and a low flamespread rating of 25 or less

Vinyl Ester - for resistance to both acid and alkaline environments; and a flame
spread of 25 or less

Phenolic - provides the ultimate fire resistance; designed to withstand prolonged fire exposure without sustaining structural damage.

Easy to install, requiring only a circular saw, jig saw or angle grinder.

Standard moulded panels are 1220mm x 2445mm. Special sizes and customising are available on request.

Important Notes

  1. U, kg/m², maximum allowable unfactored uniformly distributed loading for that stated span
  2. C, kg/m maximum allowable unfactored centre line load per metre
  3. Load/Span Tables based on elastic deflections of span/200 or 10mm, whichever the lesser when subjected to the specified unfactored load
  4. All table loadings to be taken as nominal and should not be used as guarnateed values
  5. Appropriate safety factors must be applied by the designer
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