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Floorex® Non-slip Floorplate - Boomerang Design

Non-slip strong and rigid corrosion resistant easy to clean low maintenance eye-catching hygienic.

GRATING WORLD FLOOREX® raised pattern non-slip solid floor plate bears the distinctive and registered "boomerang" design.

Available in sheet sizes of 1250mm x 3000mm and 1250mm x 6000mm, as well as custom sizes. Nominal thicknesses are 1.6mm, 2.00mm, 2.5mm, 3.00mm, 4.00mm and 4.5mm.

Available in Stainless Steel (3Cr12, 304, 316) and a range of Aluminium alloys to serve specific applications. Stainless Steel surface finishes are No1, 2B and shot blast.

FLOOREX®applications include flooring (factories, loading ramps, elevators, escalator approaches), stairtreads, kickplates and protective fascias. Treadex Stairtread and steptread load chart

Gratex Trench Cover

Stainless Steel 'H'/ Butterfly Treadplate

'H' or butterfly tread plate is available in any size

Vastrap Treadplate

Steel Diamond Pattern Treadplate

  • Thickness : 2mm; 2.5mm; 3mm; 4.5mm
  • Materials : 304; 316; 3CR12
  • Plate sizes: 2000 x 1000 & 2500 x 1250
  • Specials cut & bent to size offered
Diamond treadplate

Aluminium Chequer/Diamond Plate

Easy to form, drill and cut etc. Also known as vastrap plate.

  • 5 bar pattern alloy 1050
  • aluminium tread brite 1.5mm
    Architectural , cladding; walkways, decking, flooring, automotive treadplates etc
Aluminium Chequerplate treadplate