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Pelox Pressure Pump - Handspray (P-DZ)

Most cleaning and pickling products can be sprayed with the pressure pump atomiser-handspray. This tool helps to treat stainless steel parts with cleaning, pickling and care products.

Depending of the product, the handspray contains between 1.5 and 2 kg.

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Pelox Acid Resistant Spray Applicator

Pelox Spray Applicator P-SA and P-025

Pneumatic diaphragm pump for all sprayable cleaning and pickling products for stainless steel

The use of high quality parts (e.g. Pump made of PVDF) makes the applicator resistant to acids or pickling and cleaning products.

It is readied in a short time, flexible and has an unlimited radius by refilling the container without interrupting the spraying process.

The P-025 spray-applicator is the smaller version (1/4’’) of the P-SA, with a lower elevating-capacity.

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Pelox P-SA Acid Resistant Spray Applicator

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