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We offer a comprehensive range of stainless steel tank fittings and accessories specifically designed for the efficient cleaning of stainless steel tanks in the food & bev, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

Sprayballs - static and rotary

A comprehensive range of both fixed and rotary sprayballs in a range of sizes for different tank cleaning applications

Spray balls for tank cleaning
Tank Washing fittings

Disc Tank Washers

Powerful and economical range of tank washers.
Unique in design, it is ball bearing free and has only one moving part, a rotating disc which instantly converts the wash fluid into a sphere of fast moving droplets.

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Turbo disc fittings for cleaning tanks

Clip Disc Rotating Spray Cleaner

The Clip-Disc is designed for use in ultra hygienic applications where product purity and elimination of contamination problems are essential. The simple easily disassembled construction meets all the needs of regulatory bodies, and means the unit is also very cost effective. The unique disc design gives instant and complete uniform coverage of all internal surfaces providing a quick aggressive wash.

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Clip Disc hygenic tank cleaning fitting

Orbital Jet Tank Washers

A range of orbital jet tank washers, which are slim, compact design and offer an intensive cleaning with targeted jets Orbital cleaners work on the basis of two rotating axes, one horizontal and one vertical.

Fan Jet Tank Washers

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