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We offer a comprehensive range of stainless steel tank fittings and accessories specifically designed for use with stainles steel tanks in the food & bev, dairy and pharmaceutical industries

S/S BSP Drain Cocks with Male Spout
Gauge cock and sample tap
Left: 1/2" BSP Bottom Gauge Cock with polycarbonate tube
Right: 1/2"BSP Sample tap with spout and Alan key or handwheel
Both are available with NW20 union connection fittings instead of BSP on request

Syringe Type Sampler Valves

Stainless Steel Syringe Type Sampler Valves

Keofitt Classic M4 Sampling Valve

Designed for sampling of liquids with a viscosity of up to approx. 100 cP containing no particles larger than Ø1,5 mm. Sampling of more viscous liquids is possible, only will it take longer (depending on process pressure).

Numerous standard process
connections, membranes and valve heads allow for +120 M4 valve configurations.

The sampling valve can be used for any process sampling for microbiological, chemical and/or physical analysis.

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Stainless Steel Sample Valve

Vacuum Breaker

Relieves excessive pressure or a vacuum in a tank duirng filling or emptying.

Pressure Vacuum/ Relief Valve specifications:

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Pressure Vacuum/ Relief Valve


A range of manholes - round, oval and vented available


Sight Glasses

Dairy Union housed sight glass
(Bull's eye sightglass)


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