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Woven mesh is a woven textile made of metallic material flexible enough to be woven into a variety of shapes and sizes.

All materials are woven from wire as thick as 1.6 diameter to 0.016 diameter - finer than a human hair.

Materials: Stainless steel or non-ferrous metal such as aluminium

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Woven Wire Mesh

Tubular wire mesh filters

Tube filters with various sizes, can be manufactured from woven wire mesh and perforated plate.

Moven mesh screen

Rimmed Screen Packs

Manufactured mainly from woven wire mesh, various diameters can be ordered with rims made from aluminium, stainless steel or copper.

Specifications Required to order:
- OD & ID Diameter
- Mesh or micron size
- Aluminium, stainless steel rims or copper

Moven mesh rimmed screen

Circular Tensioned Screens

During the re-meshing process, we ensure optimum mesh tension which leads to better screening efficiency and longer screen life. These screens can be bolted or bonded.

Specifications Required to order:
- Mesh or micron size
- Bonded or bolted
- Frame size

Circular Moven mesh screen

Specifications required to order

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