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Kieselmann Butterfly Valves

Space-saving solution for hygienic process plants

They are preferably applied for panels, for tank shut-off and as a cost-efficient shut-off device. The butterfly valves are offered in different connection variants as well as an intermediate flange.

Available in manual or automatic

KIESELMANN stainless steel valves ensure top quality in dimensional stability and surface finish. KIESELMANN could increase the service life of the seals with a shape optimization.


Easy mounting
 Ergonomic heat protection handle
Construction easy to maintain
Cost-efficient leakage protection (Leakage butterfly valves - see below)
Automation option
 Three actuators with compatible connections (PDA 75 / PDA 100 /PDA 125)
Actuators with high torque

Due to the modular design, a quick and easy retrofitting from manual to pneumatic actuation with sensor or control head KI-Top is possible and thus can be integrated into automated processes without any problems.

Linkage butterfly valves

Model 4915
3 way butterfly, 2 linked valves
Manually operated

Model 4415
3 way butterfly, 2 valves
Pneumatically actuated

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Fluid Film Corrosion preventative and Lubricant
Pneumatically actuated
Manually operated
Fluid Film Corrosion preventative and Lubricant
Kieselmann Leakage butterfly Kieselmann Linkage butterfly valve

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